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PMC Canada Ltd. manufactures and fabricates mechanical insulation components for all commercial and industrial systems and applications. We specialize in jacketing systems and protective coverings, our products are available through all distribution houses in North America and are used by select owners and contractors within the industry.

We have been supporting the industrial insulation industry for 22 years, including but not limited to the Energy, Environmental, Fire Protection, Marine, Nuclear and Architectural sectors of this industry. We also support Food and Chemical processing facilities!

It Starts with Quality!!

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PMC Canada Ltd. is the premier metal fabricator for the mechanical insulation industry, Moving the industry forward through innovation, technology, automation, and efficiency!

More efficient turnarounds/shutdowns with less labour for large plants

Eliminate CUI, lower CO2 and conserve 30% more Energy

Laser Cutting Safest Edge Quality Unmatched Production Capacity.

PMC evolved the fine art of fabrication into an automated manufacturing process, eliminating human development time and error, while maintaining the quality and aesthetics of the craft.

Any Thickness – Any Size

Manufactured in Alberta and materials sourced in North America!