Fabricated Elbows

Produced as gore sets or as 2pc covers (PMC trademarked as Lobster Cans). Can be produced for any degree of bend, equal or reducing, any number of miters, positive or negative throat, any jacketing material of any thickness.

PMC Lobster Cans are as easy and economical to install as any 2pc fitting cover. Lobster Cans can be produced in any number of pcs necessary to facilitate economical shipping and easy of install, regardless of finished size of fitting. Lobster Cans are produced for every Piping or Duct configuration, fitting, valve and vessel head type.



Lobster cans are a two piece riveted fitting cover produced for any fitting and in any size. No more labor to install than a pressed elbow. Makes no difference how many miters your covering, a 90 is a 90 ; a 45 is a 45. Negative throat or positive throat is just as easy to install. No more laborious gores or butterflies to produce or install.

As there are thousands of fitting cover possibilities based on pipe size, radius and insulation thickness the following list is for your comparative analysis and not a complete list. Any fitting and in any size quoted and shipped upon request.


PMC is able to produce up to 160" long GORES, due to the size of our laser.

Can provide rolled or flat -- call for pricing.

Aluminum or Stainless

Datasheets Available for Download: