Elliptical Heads

Produced in every profile, standard or custom crown and knuckle radii, concentric or eccentric. Tank heads without central nozzles come with a starter and finish cap marked for lune symmetry at head apex with a starter and finisher lune, and one extra right-hand and left-hand central lune, inclusive of beauty ring. Tank heads with a central nozzle come with same except lunes are cut back for the nozzle diameter and come with starter and finisher donuts cut and marked to fit nozzle diameter.

Tank heads are produced in any metal, thickness, texture, colour, seam type and size. Shells or multi lune pieces can be assembled in house which provide less pieces in the field to install. Our Lune sizing process adheres to the industry principal of Most Appropriate Width ensuring a deviation of no more than 1/16” off of tangency between the jacketing and the insulated surface of the tank head. Please keep in mind that we can and do produce tank heads in any number of pieces when requested to do so by our customers!