2023 will be an exciting year…

PMC is preparing to launch the first stage of the future…

PMC developed its own ‘proprietary’ (digital input) PLATFORM (it’s not an App), completely accurate and comprehensive, anything you can conceive for a mechanical insulation project is generated and automatically sent directly to our Trumpf Laser Table eliminating all set up time and human intervention. Reducing estimating and lead times.

With our experience and advanced technology

your job is quoted in a matter of minutes.

- Improve Your Planning -

So much time and profits are lost due to

"Job/Material Timing"

- We can do it all for you -

Drawing Take-offs, Quotations, Production and Shipping!

All around

Our manufacturing process is not the only thing that we focus on when planning the future. We also take into account the human factor and are constantly developing new tools and interfaces to assure that all of our clients, new and returning can quickly and easily quote, order, and receive their products in record time and at the highest quality levels we can provide.